About Us

Welcome to fellowship_link


Our name is Fellowship_Link because a "link" is something that connects or joins. Our purpose is to join, unite, or connect to others within the Body of Christ with each of us bringing a wealth of knowledge individually and corporately. Many of us represent a community of churches within the Body of Christ who are bound together by a "mutual faith" and a "shared hope" in the Lord Jesus.

Together we can:

* Provide a community of knowledge

* Provide a network connectivity of services


It is our desire by the Spirit of God to provide that connective link that broadcasts which services are available individually and corporately through our churches within the Body of Christ. We all have fellowships we attend or perhaps you are presently looking for a fellowship in your area, prayerfully we can be that connection...


Time Well Spent

Time Well Spent is a radio broadcast focused on encouraging listeners to recognize that time can be spent with God at all times.

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